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Stern But Fair

Updated: Jul 22, 2019

July 8, 2018

My landlady is stern but fair. She explained the rules when I moved in. This isn’t some little Yuppie B&B, she said. But the accommodations, while not five-star, are sufficient. In return for access to her home I am not to bite her nor pee on the furniture or carpet. She has remained true. I do not bite nor while indoors do I pee. She provides me with my choice of four beds indoors and three outside, an always filled food bowl, cold filtered water which I get to drink out of the jug marked “Dog” in the refrigerator, baked chicken treats, matching enamel greyhound pins (one for my leash and one for her vest), a sheepskin rug for winter and this cooling mat for summer in case my head gets hot. Stern but fair.

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