Published Work


“My Big Boomer Blunder”

2019, guest blogger at Boomer Café.


“False Memory”

2018, first prize for creative nonfiction from New Millennium Writings


“Then There Was Dad”

2017, Hippocampus Magazine


“Can Baby Boomers Wear Pajamas Even In Public?”

2017, guest blogger at Boomer Café


“Are We Boomers The Best To Give Relationship Advice?”

2017, guest blogger at Boomer Café, 2017


“One Baby Boomer’s No Contact Solution For The Future”

2017, guest blogger at Boomer Café, 2017


Lies And Love In Alaska

2014, Available on Paperback and Kindle from

“Conversation about Cabbage”

2011, National Public Radio


 “The Block Party”

2006, San Francisco Chronicle


“Landlady Letters”

2005, Carve Magazine


“I’m In The Wrong Movie”



Work not available on-line:

  • 2021, In Press, "Burning News," Ink, Hippocampus Books, release date June 15

  • In Press, "The Accidental Gardener," Greenprints Magazine, release date not scheduled

  • 2012, “The Bungalow”, Redwood Coast Review

  • 1998, “How I Stopped Watching Life”, guest columnist, San Francisco Chronicle

  • 1998, "My Old Lady Won’t Leave Me Alone”, guest columnist, San Francisco Chronicle

  • 1995, “Safe Ground”, San Francisco Sunday Chronicle First Person

  • 1994, “Who’s Going to Repair Your Car?  You Are!”, Cosmopolitan Magazine

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