Marsh Rose is an author, psychotherapist and college educator. Since her first short story appeared in Cosmopolitan Magazine in 1994 her creative nonfiction works have appeared in a variety of venues. They include:     

  • “False Memory,” New Millennium Writers, first prize for creative nonfiction, 2018

  • “And Then There Was Dad,” Hippocampus, 2017

  • “Conversation About Cabbage,” This I Believe on NPR, 2009

  • “The Block Party,” San Francisco Chronicle Magazine, 2006

  • “I’m In the Wrong Movie,” Salon.Com, 2001

  • “How I Stopped Watching Life,” guest columnist, San Francisco Chronicle, 1998

  • “My Old Lady Won’t Leave Me Alone,” guest columnist, San Francisco Chronicle, 1998

  • “Safe Ground,” San Francisco Chronicle First Person, 1995. 

  • “Who’s Going to Repair Your Car?  You Are!,” Cosmopolitan Magazine, 1994

Her novel, Lies and Love in Alaska, was published in 2013

Marsh lives in the northern California wine country. She has a big dog, a small vineyard, and teaches psychology at the local college.

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