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Occam's Razor

August 1, 2019

My landlady was befuddled. She kept coming home to find her camera bag open and her gear on the floor. First time, she thought it was a robbery… but nothing was missing and the trail led to my bed. WTF? There was never food in the bag, nor a cat. She became obsessed. No one knew the answer. Then she did what she should have done at first. Called her sister, the original Dog Whisperer, at her kennel in New Mexico. Why does Adin want my camera stuff? “He wants you to take his picture. And I’m not being facetious.” Obviously! She’s always taking my picture and I associate her camera with attention. She’s gone, I want her back, what could be more logical? And I keep doing it because it works. I dump out her gear, she comes back. Smart sister. Smart dog. (But the bag is out of my reach now. Dog drool and camera lenses, not a good combination.)

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